Are Silicone Blades Really the Best Windshield Wipers?
December 27, 2021

Are Silicone Blades Really the Best Windshield Wipers?

Windshield wipers are not usually the first thing people thing about when it comes to their cars, but they're an important tool and the quality makes a difference. When you're driving through rough conditions like rain, sleet, snow and fog, your windshield wipers can make a life or death difference. And even in clear conditions, the performance of your windshield wipers determines how smeared or spotless your windshield is, affecting nighttime visibility.

So what are the best windshield wipers? Most in the automotive industry would say wiper blades made with silicone rubber are the best you can buy. They are reputed to outperform traditional wiper blades across the board. We decided to do some research and find out if silicone blades really are the best or not. Here's what we found out:

  • Silicone lasts longer – Some people never change their windshield wiper blades, but those people end up with a smeared, spotted windshield and can hardly see in the rain. They're the ones who always have to pull over when the weather gets bad and are straining to see anything at night. The reality is, you need to change your windshield wipers when they wear out or it becomes a safety issue. Traditional blades can wear in a matter of months, while silicone blades last for years with no performance loss.
  • Silicone blades resist the elements – Blades don't just wear out from usage; they can also be affected by the elements themselves. It seems odd that windshield wiper blades would be damaged by water and snow, the very conditions they are designed to protect against, but most blades are. They also wear out from UV exposure—just look at an old windshield wiper blade and notice the cracking, spotting, and discoloration. Silicone rubber blades, however, are practically immune to these factors, as well as extreme temperatures.
  • Silicone performs better – Silicone rubber mixed with graphite creates a rigid, yet flexible, non-stick surface that keeps its shape. That means a cleaner wipe every time, and that translates to less spotting, less blurring, better visibility, more convenience and a safer vehicle.

So, are silicone rubber blades the best windshield wipers? Signs point to yes. If there are better blades out there, we have yet to find them—and they definitely aren't the default blades that come with your car out of the factory.

What do you believe are the best windshield wipers? Why do you prefer them?