Ford Wiper Blades

Your Ford wiper blades, like all wiper blades, are susceptible to damage from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Additionally, the chemicals you use in cleaning your Ford, especially its windshield, can also affect impact the durability of your wiper blades. Over time, the windshield wipers on your Ford can begin to fail and it is important to replace them as their performance wanes

What Type of Ford Windshield Wipers Should I Buy?

Are you thinking of what type of Ford windshield wiper you should buy? SilBlade® produces different kinds of wiper blades that satisfy all your needs. Check below to see the one that most suits your needs. 1. Rubber or Silicone? The windshield metal arm can be coated with natural rubber, synthetic rubber, silicone, and many other materials. The material determines how well the windshield wiper will clean your windshield. 2. Standard, Flat or Hybrid? The standard windshield wiper consists of a metal frame and a rubber strip. The flat wiper follows the same design but with a little curve. The hybrid wipers are a combination of the standard and flat wipers. 3. Regular or Winter Blades The winter blades are designed to withstand lower temperatures. They remain soft and flexible no matter how freezing it gets.