Why SilBlade

Often one would wonder why companies don’t make products that last for years not months. Is it shortage in technology or is it rather planned obsolescence? SilBlade® certainly has the technology and we are determined to make it work for you.

Our products offer the durability that Lasts Years Not Months! SilBlade® saves you money and saves the environment of unneeded waste and landfi ll. Wiper blades are a safety item not an accessory for the windshield. Driving can be challenging when facing unpredictable weather conditions.

SilBlade® offers the reliability and the performance when you need it. It is a performance you can count on, month after month, year after year. SilBlade® wipers are formulated with a premium silicone rubber with graphite and PTFE (form of Teflon®). This unique and patented formula is what sets our wipers apart from the rest. The graphite and PTFE non stick coating in the formulation gives our silicone wiper its ability to effortlessly glide smoothly across your windshield.

The best coated silicone wiper on the market super splashing silicone make your vision clear

SilBlade® Patented Technology

SilBlade® Patented Formulation is unaffected by the elements that break down conventional wipers such as UV/sunlight, ozone, oil and grime from road spray. SilBlade is unaffected by extreme temperatures as low as -80°F and as high as 400°F.

SilBlade® patented formulation leaves an invisible hydrophobic coating (water repellent) within 90 days from the first use. The activated release recharges the hydrophobic layer with every use throughout the life of SilBlade wipers. Your visibility during rainy conditions improves with every wipe.