Volkswagen Wiper Blades

As you use your Volkswagen’s windshield wipers over time, they begin to lose their efficiency. This is normal with all windshield wiper blades. The harmful UV rays from the sun and automotive chemicals make your wiper blades wear out. You must replace your Volkswagen’s windshield wipers as soon as you see signs of wear or damage. SilBlade®offers various designs and even customizable options for your Volkswagen’s windshield wipers.

How to Change Your Volkswagen Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers are one of the many safety measures on your car. You must maintain your windshield wipers in order to have clear vision when driving your Volkswagen. Maintaining your windshield wiper involves changing them.

You know it’s time to change your Volkswagen’s windshield wipers when you start seeing streaks after your wipers move across the windshield. Also, if you hear squeaking sounds or your wiper creaks as you use them, they are asking you to replace them. Furthermore, if you notice broken or cracked pieces of the wiper blades or if the ends of the blades are loose, these are signs you should change them immediately.

Your Volkswagen owner’s manual has instructions on how you can change windshield wipers. However, you don't have to invest so much time looking for the instructions in the manual when you can get a detailed description on how to change your Volkswagen windshield wipers here.

1.Erect your wiper arms and blades away from the windshield so you have enough room to access the blades.

2.Put the blades in a perpendicular position with the wiper arm. Move the blades so they face up.

3.Look for a release pin in the assembly, press it, and the blade will release.

4.Now, take your new blade and set it in position with the wiper arm. Lock the clip to secure it.

Volkswagen recommends we inspect our windshield wipers after every 10,000 miles.