ultimate windshield wiper

We have been selling our wipers since 1993

All of our wipers; SilBlade®, SilBlade® Flex™, SilBlade® Uni™ and SilBlade® Rear™ use the patented silicone rubber formula wiper squeegee. We have been selling our wipers since 1993 and have hundreds of thousands of happy customers around the world!

SilBlade was created by Specialty Silicone Products, Inc. (SSP). SSP is a manufacturer of a wide variety of silicone rubber products for both industrial and consumer uses. The company was founded by four former GE Silicone scientists and marketing personnel who were committed to developing the ultimate windshield wiper. They worked on perfecting the silicone rubber wiper formula for 2 years.

The patented formula uses a unique blend of silicone rubber (for durability) and graphite (for superior surface wipe) resulting in the “BEST” silicone wiper on the market. In 2010 SilBlade was sold to Specialty Products Enterprises, LLC (SPE). SPE are pioneers in automotive aftermarket specialty replacement parts.

The best coated silicone wiper on the market super splashing silicone make your vision clear

Heat Resistant
Acid Resistant
Fitted to the Windshield
Easy Moter
Strong Water Splashing