Audi Wiper Blades

Regular and consistent use of your Audi wiper blades reduces their performance and efficiency and makes them prone to damage. This is perfectly normal as your Audi windshield wipers are not impenetrable. UV rays from the sun and car cleaning chemicals may also affect the durability of your Audi wiper blades. As soon as your windshield wipers begin to drop in efficiency, you must replace them before they fail completely.

How Often Should I Change MY Audi Windshield Wipers?

Ideally, you should change your Audi windshield wiper blades at least twice a year to maintain stability and the best performance. However, if you operate your vehicle in a severe climate with extreme changes in temperature and humidity, you may want to consider changing your wiper blades more often.

When your wiper blades are loose or leave streak marks, chatter or squeaks, they are past their useful life, and you must replace them immediately.