SilBlade® Installation

The pre-installed adapter fits the most popular arm types -9mm hook.

SilBlade® Windshield Wiper Installation

Are you ready to install your new SilBlade® wiper blades? To help make windshield wiper installation as easy as possible, SilBlade provides installation videos for all types of wiper blades. Whether this is your first-time installing wiper blades, or you’ve done it many times, it’s always good practice to review the basics.

1. Before You Begin: To protect the windshield during windshield wiper installation, it’s recommended to place a towel between the wiper blade and the windshield. This will help to protect the windshield when you’re removing the wiper blade from the wiper arm.

2. Remove The Old Wiper Blade: Lift the wiper arm away from the windshield and press the small tab or release button on the wiper where it connects to the wiper arm. Then, slide or remove the blade off the arm.

3. Measure The Blade Length: Compare the length of your new SilBlade wiper blades to the old wiper blades. This will serve as a final check to make sure you’ve purchased the right length wiper blades. If the lengths are different, it’s recommended to confirm your new wiper blades purchased are correct using SilBlade’s wiper blade finder.

4. Attach The New Wiper Blade: Line up the new wiper blade with the arm, making sure the hook, clip or button is positioned correctly. Slide or place the blade onto the arm until you hear a click or feel it’s locked into place.

5. Before You Test: Remove the towel from between the wiper blade and the windshield.

6. Test The New Blade: Turn on your windshield wipers and check to make sure the new blade is wiping the windshield effectively and without streaking.

7. Repeat The Process: Follow the same steps to replace the other wiper blade on your car. Do not forget to check your rear wiper blade. If the rear blade needs to be replaced, watch SilBlade’s windshield wiper installation video and follow these instructions.

Note: Wiper blade technology continues to evolve. Some wiper blades may have slightly different attachment methods, so it's always a good idea to consult the instructions that come with the new blades or look up specific instructions for the year, make and model of your vehicle.