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        SilBlade® is the safe choice. Our innovative silicone coated wipers provide unmatched clarity and durability in wet weather conditions, ensuring you have a crystal clear view of the road ahead.

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        Are you beginning to see streaks on your windshield when it rains? Have your wiper blades become noisy? If either of these two frustrating situations are occurring, it’s most likely time to replace your existing wiper blades. The SilBlade® easy to use wiper blade finder will help you determine just the right SilBlade type of wiper blade for your car, SUV, or truck. Whether it’s wiper blades for your front or rear windshield, SilBlade has the correct windshield wiper replacement for your vehicle.

        It's good practice to replace your wiper blades on a yearly basis. Sun, snow, and ice can wreak havoc on the wipe quality and overall function of your wiper blades. SilBlade wiper blades are manufactured to last and will provide performance you can count on even during the worst of conditions. SilBlade wipers are formulated with a premium silicone rubber with graphite and PTFE (form of Teflon®). This unique and patented formula is what sets our wipers apart from the rest. The graphite and PTFE nonstick coating in the formulation gives our silicone wiper the ability to effortlessly glide smoothly across your windshield.

        Since 1993 SilBlade has been providing wiper blades for most passenger cars and trucks on the road today. Windshield wiper replacement doesn’t have to be difficult. SilBlade’s easy to use wiper blade finder is here to help. All you need to know is the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle. Enter this information into SilBlade’s wiper blade finder, hit enter, and immediately you will be provided with SilBlade’s windshield wiper replacement options for your vehicle.