BMW Wiper Blades

Our windshield is always under attack, thanks to various weather and road conditions. When the atmosphere is dry, there is a thin layer of dust on your windshield. When it starts to rain, that dust turns to mud. When it is not the weather, it’s other natural forces, like sap from tress and even bird droppings. This is where your BMW’s wiper blades come in to save the day. Your BMW’s wiper blades are responsible for clearing our windshield from all elements that may disrupt your vision.

How to Spot a Failing Pair of BMW Wiper Blades

Your BMW’s windshield wipers primary assignment is clearing the windshield of any element or debris that may be obstructing your view. In addition, once you notice that your BMW wiper blades are failing, you must replace them immediately.

If you don’t know how to spot a failing pair of wiper blades, this post will show you how.

1.Do your wiper blades leave streaks after wiping the windshield?

2.Does the wiper skip across the windshield?

3.Do you hear squeaking or chattering sounds as the wipers move across the windshield?

4.Can you see cracks or broken pieces in your wiper blades?

You should always check for these signs regularly to see if your BMW’s wiper blades need an upgrade. If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it’s time to replace them. You can purchase wiper blades at any BMW dealership. They are also available online on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and the likes. You will also find some of the best wiper blades for your BMW Sedan or SUV at SilBlade®.

BMW Wiper Blades - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there different types of wiper blades for BMW models?

    Vehicle manufacturers use different types of attachments to connect wiper blades to wiper arms. The type of wiper blades needed for BMW models can vary based on design, fitment and the year of the vehicle.
  • How long do wipers for BMW’s last?

    Windshield wipers for BMW models should be replaced every 6 to 12 months., However, it's best to keep an eye on your wipers and replace them when necessary. Regular inspection and proper maintenance can help ensure optimal visibility and safety while driving.
  • How do you turn off the automatic wipers on a BMW?

    Turning off automatic wipers on BMW’s can vary by the year and model of the vehicle. Please refer to your owner’s manual or contact your local BMW dealership for support.