Subaru Wiper Blades

The wiper blades on your Subaru car, SUV, or station wagon are constantly exposed to weather elements like snow, rain, and UV rays from the sun. Other elements like falling leaves, sap from trees, dust, and debris can also affect the performance of your wiper blades. However, the effect is not instant. It takes time for the wipe quality to reduce. When it is time to replace your wiper blades make sure you install SilBlade®wiper blades.

Where Can I Buy the Best Wiper Blades for My Subaru?

Your windshield wipers help you and your passengers have a clearer vision. In addition, they are very important for safety, especially when driving in bad weather conditions. Therefore, it’s important that your Subaru wiper blades are in optimum operating condition.

At some point, the original pair of Subaru windshield wipers that came with your car, van, or SUV will need to be replaced. And when it’s time to replace them, you must do so as soon as possible.

When you purchase a new pair of windshield wipers, you must make sure you are buying wiper blades that are designed for your Subaru. But how do you know which wiper blades to purchase? SilBlade®wiper blades are designed to work on most all Subaru models. Their patented formulation is unaffected by elements that break down other aftermarket wiper blades. You can trust SilBlade®wiper blades for the fit and function you need for your Subaru.

Subaru Wiper Blades - Frequently Asked Questions

  • The wiper blades on my Subaru are leaving streaks! Help!

    This could be caused by dirty blades, a dirty windshield, or worn-out wiper rubber. Try cleaning both the blades and windshield with a damp cloth and windshield cleaner. If that doesn't work, replacing the blades might be necessary.
  • My wipers are making a chattering noise. What's the deal?

    This could be due to a few things: a loose wiper arm, a blade that's warped or bent, or uneven pressure on the windshield. Check the arm's tightness and inspect the blade for damage. You might need to replace the blade or adjust the arm for better contact.
  • Why are my wiper blades not working?

    There are a few culprits: blown fuses, a faulty wiper motor, or wiring issues. First, check your owner's manual to locate the fuse box and identify the wiper fuse. If the fuse is okay, it's best to consult a mechanic for further diagnosis.
  • What size wiper blades do I need for my Subaru?

    Subaru uses different wiper blade sizes depending on the model and year. It's best to check your owner's manual for the exact size required for your specific vehicle. Remember, wiper blade sizes can sometimes vary in length for the driver and passenger side.
  • How do I remove the wiper blades on my Subaru?

    The removal process might vary slightly depending on the model year. Generally, you'll need to lift the wiper arm away from the windshield (carefully, as it might spring back). Locate the release mechanism (usually a button or tab near the base of the arm) and press the release while gently pulling the arm up and off the wiper blade attachment point. Refer to your Subaru owner's manual for specific removal instructions.
  • Considering Aftermarket Wiper Blades?

    Many Subaru owners choose high-quality aftermarket wiper blades for their vehicles. Remember to check your owner's manual for recommended wiper blade types and sizes specific to your Subaru model.
  • Can I save money using aftermarket wiper blades for my Subaru?

    Absolutely! Aftermarket wiper blades can offer significant cost savings compared to OE (Original Equipment) blades, while still providing excellent performance. Ensure you choose high-quality aftermarket blades specifically designed for the year, make and model of your Subaru. Look for reputable brands like SilBlade or Premium Vision.