Maintaining Your Windshield Wipers
August 29, 2022

Maintaining Your Windshield Wipers

Have you ever wondered why your wiper blades are not cleaning the entire windshield? This aggravating situation can be caused when your vehicle is exposed to high temperatures.

When wiper blades are exposed to heat for a long period of time, the rubber squeegee can stick to your windshield. Any movement of the wiper blade because of rain or other conditions can result in a break or tear the edge of the squeegee
Given that wiper blades are an important safety item, it’s important to inspect your wipers on a routine basis for damage. A lack of maintenance is one of the many factors that lead to early replacement. However, no matter how much maintenance on your windshield wipers you perform sooner or later they will have to be replaced.

There are many factors that can lead to the early replacement of your windshield wipers, but with proper maintenance you can optimize the life of your wiper blades. How do you maintain your windshield wipers? Follow the tips listed below.

  • The weather takes a heavy toll on your windshield wipers. They tend to break down when it’s sunny and hot and sit on the windshield for too long. Similarly, when it’s cold, they may snap. To prevent this, place a frost and sun shield between the blades and windshield.
  • When you park your car under trees, dirt and debris from the tree, bird droppings, and many other pollutants may stain your windshield. Using the wipers may leave streak marks on your windshield or even damage the rubber squeegee on the wiper blades. To clean your windshield and wiper blades use a glass cleaner that’s recommended for use on automotive windshields. If your car is not kept in a garage or carport, you may want to consider purchasing a car cover. This will not only offer protection to the windshield and wiper blades, but it will also help to keep your cars paint from fading.

As a part of maintenance, regularly inspecting your windshield wipers is important. We also advise you to replace your windshield wipers annually regardless of their condition.