Why Should You Choose Silicone Wipers Over Traditional Wipers?
December 27, 2021

Why Should You Choose Silicone Wipers Over Traditional Wipers?

Are you in need of a new pair of windshield wipers for your car? SilBlade® Wipers are unlike any other windshield wiper you'll find in the market, and that's because of our unique formulation. Our wipers are made with a premium silicone rubber compound and PTFE, which is different from most of the windshield wipers out there as they are often made with just plain old rubber. You might ask yourself why this matters. Here are several reasons why you should choose silicone wipers over traditional ones:

Dependability:  Your wipers have to deal with a lot in regard to the elements. Excessive sunlight, ozone, and oil/grime from the roadways all break down your wipers, which is why motorists often have to replace our wipers so frequently.  We don't think that wipers should only last a few months. Our windshield wiper blades last years, not months because of their physical makeup, so you can enjoy a dependable wiper for the long run and save money.

Environmentally-Friendly: Did you know that windshield wipers are some of the most difficult auto parts to recycle? This is because of the plastic and glass that make up parts of the wiper. Because SilBlade® wipers are durable and last much longer than traditional rubber wipers, you won't have to replace them as much. This means fewer wipers that must be recycled.

Performance: Windshield wipers are a utilitarian auto part. If they don't do their job correctly and efficiently, your safety could be at risk. SilBlade® silicone wipers release a water-repellant coating on your windshield, which only improves performance after every use. You can expect your visibility in the rain to improve every time you need to use SilBlade® wipers. 

If you want a high-performance, durable wiper, choose silicone. To learn more, please contact a customer representative today at 888-800-1244.