Alfa Romeo Wiper Blades

You can never be too careful with your Alfa Romeo wiper blades. No matter how careful you are with them, sooner or later, they will be due for replacement. Replacing your Alfa Romeo windshield wipers is inevitable. After performing its primary function for extended periods – clearing year windshields of dirt and any kind of obstacle – your Alfa Romeo windshield wiper loses its efficiency, and this is when you must replace them.

When Should I Replace My Alfa Romeo Windshield Wipers?

The wiper blades you have on your Alfa Romeo will not last forever. At some point they will fail and become unable to perform their function. You can easily spot a failing windshield wiper. You don't have to pull up your car hood to check if your Alfa Romeo windshield wipers are still functioning at their best. They give apparent signs. Here are some signs to look for in a bad pair of windshield wipers.

1. Squeaking sounds 2. Streak marksLoose components 3. Chatter

SilBlade® recommends you replace your Alfa Romeo windshield wipers after every 5000-mile drive or at six months intervals.