AM General Wiper Blades

Rain, snow, ice and even mud could obstruct your vision on the road. Your windshield wipers are responsible for clearing obstructions from your windshield. Vision related issues are some of the leading causes of road accidents. A bad pair of wiper blades on your AM General can make it difficult to see everything in front of you. You can replace your AM General wiper blades in a few easy steps.

Replacing your AM General Windshield Wipers

You should regularly inspect your AM General windshield wiper and replace them to maintain optimum performance. Replacing your AM General windshield wiper is simple and can be completed in 3 easy steps.

1.Your AM General wiper blades are usually connected with a tiny clip. Push this clip up in the direction of the arm and slide the blade back to unclip it. Now slide the blade further backward to disconnect it. Slide the blade till you can see the hook then you will be able to disarm the blade. 2.Position the new blade so the hook faces the attachment of the windshield wiper. 3.Once the blade is in position, you can proceed to lock it. To do this, pull the blade towards your end until it clicks. The click indicates the blade is locked to the windshield wiper arm.

We recommend you replace them every six months or every 5000miles