Buick Wiper Blades

Your Buick wiper blades won’t last forever and are prone to damage from many factors, including weather elements, dirt and debris in the air, and sometimes, even mud. All of these don't affect your windshield wipers directly but over time. Similarly, the chemicals you use to wash your Buick may also contribute to the early wear of your wiper blades. Harmful rays from the sun also affect the efficiency of your Buick wiper blades.

What Are the Signs of Faulty Buick Windshield Wipers?

Your Buick windshield wipers won’t suddenly fail. They exhibit certain signs before failing completely. You only have to look close enough to see these signs. If you do not know what these signs are, check below to see the signs of a faulty Buick windshield wiper.

1. The wiper blades make streaks on the windshield. 2. Presence of cracks or broken pieces in the wiper rubber. 3. They make squeaking or chattering sounds while functioning. 4. The wiper skips across through the windshield while functioning.

When your windshield wipers work over a long period, their efficiency reduces, and with time, they begin to fail. You don't want your Buick wiper blades to get to this stage. At Silblade, we recommend you change your wiper blades when you see the signs they are failing.