Chrysler Wiper Blades

Clear vision is a must when driving. You always want a clear sight of everything ahead and around you on the road. A dirty windshield may impair your vision when driving. Car manufacturers install windshield wipers to clear the windscreen of anything that may obstruct your vision. Your Chrysler wiper blades are an essential element in your Chrysler, as they play a vital role in your safety and other users.

How Do I Change My Chrysler Windshield Wipers?

From time to time, you must change your Chrysler windshield wipers. After working for extended periods, your Chrysler windshield wipers become worn, and must be replaced. Follow the instructions below to change your Chrysler windshield wipers. 1.Shift to park 2.lift the arm of the windshield wiper just far enough to access the wiper blades. 3.Place a towel between your windshield wiper and the windshield to protect the windshield from the wiper blades' metal arm. 4.Hold the metal arm, press the locking tab and slide the blade down to disarm it. 5.Take the new blade, position it correctly on the wiper metal arm and slide it towards you till you hear a click. You must change your Chrysler wiper blades when they start squeaking, chattering, or leaving streaks or broken rubber particles on your windshield.