You must always ensure your Daewoo wiper blades are in their best condition before every journey. This way, you know there are no chances of them malfunctioning when you need them. After using them for a long time, they lose their quality and efficiency and can no longer perform effectively. You only have to check for certain signs to determine if they are still in an acceptable condition or if it's time to change them.

When Should I Change My Daewoo Windshield wipers?

Before they reach the stage where they can no longer function well, your Daewoo will show certain signs. 1. Streaking This is a result of warping caused by automotive chemicals, road tar, and tree sap. When this happens, the rubber hardens or cracks and leaves streaks on your windshield. 2. Squeaking As your wiper blade ages, the rubber loses and stiffens. This makes it make a squeaking sound. 3. Broken Rubber The rubber of your wiper blades splits on extended exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun. 4. Chattering This is one of the results of the corrosion of your wiper blades. When this happens, the blades skip through the windshield. When your Daewoo shows these signs, it means your wiper blades are failing, and you must replace them immediately.