Genesis Wiper Blades

When you use your Genesis wiper blades for a long time, they can wear out and no longer provide the performance needed to safely operate your vehicle in adverse conditions. In addition to age, chemicals used to clean your car and UV rays from the sun can also negatively affect the condition and performance of your wiper blades. Over time, your Genesis wiper blades will break down and need replacement.

Maintaining Your Genesis Windshield Wiper

Many factors make your Genesis windshield wiper vulnerable to early wear and tear, but it can last longer and perform better with the right maintenance. Here are some handy maintenance tips for your Genesis windshield wiper blades. In hot and humid climates, your wiper blades may break down when it is sunny, and they sit on the windscreen too long. In colder climates, the rubber blade may ice over and stick to the windshield leading to wiper damage if not properly defrosted. To avoid these types of situations, lift your wiper blades off the glass when leaving your vehicle for an extended period. When you park outside without a car cover, dirt and debris, and other pollutants may stain your windshield. Be sure to clean or clear your windshield of any excess dirt and debris to prevent damaging the rubber on you Genesis wiper blades. Using your wipers first without clearing your windshield may leave streaks or even break the rubber on the wiper blades. Don’t forget to regularly inspect your windshield wipers for visible cracking or other damage before hitting the road.