Jaguar Wiper Blades

Your Jaquar wiper blades are one of the most important safety measures incorporated into your car. Just like your seatbelt and airbag, your windshield wiper is another accessory on your car that guarantees your safety on the road. To this end, it is important you always keep them at operating smoothly. After extended use, certain signs may indicate you should replace them as soon as possible.

When Must I Replace My Jaguar Windshield Wiper?

Your Jaguar windshield wipers are not designed to last forever. Even when they are not affected by external or environmental factors, they begin to fail on their own after prolonged usage. As soon as your Jaguar windshield wiper picks up faults, you must not hesitate to replace them. It will be obvious to you when it is time to replace your Jaguar wiper blades as they give clear signs of impending failure. Here are some signs of a bad pair of windshield wipers. 1. Squeaking sounds 2. Streak marks. 3. Loose blades. 4. Chattering. SilBlade®recommends you replace your Jaguar windshield wipers every 6000 miles or at six months intervals.