Maserati Wiper Blades

Your Maserati wiper blades are just as important as every other component of the car. It helps you maintain a clear vision on the road by eliminating dirt, water particles, ice or even mud your Maserati windshield. Given their level of importance, we must pay close attention to them. Your Maserati windshield wipers loses efficiency and may pack up after prolonged usage. Replacing them return them to their original condition. But how do you know when to replace them?

Signs of a Bad Maserati Windshield Wiper

After a while, your Maserati windshield wiper displays some signs that mean it is no longer safe for the road. Here are some of the signs of a bad Maserati windshield wiper. 1.Streaking This is a result of warping caused by automotive chemicals, road tar, and tree sap. It hardens the rubber and leaves streaks on your windshield. 2.Squeaking As your wiper blade gets older, the rubber loses and stiffens. This makes it make a squeaking sound. 3.Chattering This is one of the results of the corrosion of your wiper blades. When this happens, the blades skip through the windshield. 4.Broken Rubber The rubber of your wiper blades splits on extended exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun.