Mini Wiper Blades

Just like every other component of your car, your Mini wiper blades has its unique functions. It must be at the optimum condition to function properly. It is okay if your mini wiper blades no longer perform as they used to when you first got them. It is because many factors have affected it causing it to lose its efficiency.

What Size of Mini Windshield Wiper Should I Buy?

Do you want to replace your Mini windshield wipers? Take a minute to confirm the size, so you don't end up making the wrong choice. Buying the wrong size of Mini windshield wipers can cause a lot of damage. If you buy longer wiper blades, they overlap and burn the motor, directly damaging the whole windshield wiper. Similarly, when they are too small, they won't cover the entire area of your windshield. This is why you must get the original size of the wipers you are about to replace. However, if it is an inch longer or shorter, it causes no harm.