Mitsubishi Wiper Blades

Your Mitsubishi wiper blades have an expiry date, and this is when they can no longer function and deliver a satisfactory result. In addition, your Mitsubishi wiper blades become vulnerable to early wear and tear if you don't properly maintain them. We recommend you use ordinary water – without chemicals – or vinegar to clean your windshield, as synthetic chemicals may take a heavy toll on your Mitsubishi windshield wiper and cause them to damage faster.

Maintaining Your Mitsubishi Windshield Wipers

Properly maintaining your Mitsubishi windshield wipers may extend its life. These maintenances are quite easy. Here are tips on maintaining your windshield wipers. On sunny days, when they sit outside for too long, they may break down. In colder climates, they tend to freeze and stick to the windshield. They may snap s you don’t defrost them before lifting them of the windshield. To avoid this situation, place a frost and sun shield between the wiper blades and windshield. Better still you can make a habit of lifting your wipers off the windshield if you will be leaving your Mitsubishi outdoors for longer periods. When you park without a car cover, dirt and debris may stain your windshield. Directly using your windshield on them may leave streaks on the glass or even break the rubber on the wiper blades. Pour excess vinegar on the windshield to soften the dirt before using your windshield wiper. You can also use vinegar on a clean towel to remove dirt before driving