Suzuki Wiper Blades

Your Suzuki wiper blades are designed to clear water and debris from your windshield for clearer vision while driving. When you park your car without a shed, or uncovered, debris may settle on the surface of your windshield. Similarly, when it rains, and water particles cover the windshield. These create a major hindrance to your vision. But with your Suzuki wiper blades, you can wipe them off with ease. To this end, you must ensure your Suzuki wiper blades are at their optimal status always. To ensure this, you must check up on them regularly and practice proper maintenance.

Maintaining Your Suzuki Windshield Wipers

Many factors could lead to the early detriment of your Suzuki windshield wipers, but with proper maintenance, they would do just fine. How do you maintain your Suzuki windshield wipers? The weather is one major factor that makes your wiper blades diminish in no time. They tend to break down when it is hot and sunny and rest on the windshield for a prolonged time. When the weather is cold, they may freeze and stick to the windshield. To prevent this, place a towel as a shield between the blades and windshield. You can also lift them off the windshield if you’ll be parking outdoors for long hours. Similarly, when you park your car under trees, dirt and debris, bird poops, and other pollutants may fall on the windshield and stain it. Dampen a clean towel in Vinegar to clean off the dirt before engaging your wiper blades. Or pour Vinegar on the windshield and allow it to soak the dirt then use your windshield wipers to clear it off. You can ultimately avoid the entire situation by using a car cover.